While often used interchangeably, Laser Lipo and Lipo Laser describe two different technologies to achieve fat reduction and body contouring aka body sculpting.  What are the differences and who are they best suited for?

Laser Lipo vs Lipo LaserTechnology & Procedure

Laser Lipo – Is a minimally invasive surgical procedure involving the insertion of a thin fiber-optic probe or cannula underneath the skin to deliver laser energy directly into the fat cells.  The high-intensity laser energy melts and liquefies the targeted fat cells.  It is considered to be laser-assisted liposuction and is performed by a medically trained Plastic Surgeon in a surgical clinic or hospital.

Lipo Laser – Is a non-invasive procedure using low-level laser energy to penetrate through the skin, targeting the fat cells underneath.  A number of paddles containing the lasers, or laser diodes, are placed against the skin in the area the client wishes to reduce fat and inches.  The lasers temporarily open up the pores of the fat cells directly under the skin.  This allows the fat cell contents (free fatty acids, glycerol and water) to be naturally flushed out of the body via the lymphatic system (ie urine and sweat).  This should result in smaller fat cells, producing fat and inch loss.  A certified Lipolaser Technician performs this treatment in a medical spa or clinic.


Laser Lipo – Because it is liposuction surgery, Laser Lipo requires several days of recovery time.  Some degree of swelling, bruising & discomfort will likely be present.  Compression garments are recommended to be worn to reduce swelling and promote healing.  Pain medication may also be prescribed by the surgeon.  Most patients can return to normal activities within a week, though strenuous activities should be avoided for several weeks to allow for optimal healing.  Full recovery can take up to a few months, with the final results not being fully visible for several months as the body continues to heal and the treated area’s new contours are fully visible.

Lipo Laser – Lipo Laser is a non-invasive treatment, with no downtime, or recovery time, needed following each treatment.  Clients can return to their normal activities directly after, ideally including being well hydrated and performing 30-60 minutes of cardiovascular exercise following each treatment.

Results & Cost

Laser Lipo – Because it is surgery and fat cells are being removed, patients can expect a noticeable reduction in the size and shape of the treated area several months later.  Average cost is $3,000-$10,000+, depending on the treated size, who performs the procedure, and other factors.

Lipo Laser – While results vary depending on factors such as the area treated (belly fat loss occurs faster than thigh fat, for example), most clients achieve a measurable difference of 5 or more total inches lost in the treated area after a series of 5 Lipo Laser treatments over several weeks.  Average cost is $250-$350/5 treatments.


Laser Lipo achieves far greater fat and inch loss or body contouring results, with the associated costs and recovery time.  Full results are apparent after several months, and are maintained with a healthy lifestyle and stable weight.

Lipo Laser is a good body contouring option for clients wishing to achieve a small reduction in the abdomen, love handles or bra bulge areas.  Inner thighs also respond very well.  For best outcomes they should stay well hydrated and exercise soon after each appointment.  Results are measurable within a few days and can be maintained with a healthy lifestyle and stable weight.  Additional treatments can produce further inch loss, and a more significant difference can be achieved when combined with a diet and exercise program.

NuCurves Body Contouring provides Lipo Laser treatments, helping clients achieve good to very good inch loss in the targeted area.  We also use a TriLipo Radiofrequency machine, with enhanced inch loss plus skin tightening results.  Female clients with post-pregnancy belly (or mommy tummy) and cellulite can achieve a noticeably smaller and smoother difference with TriLipo.  As with any non-invasive procedure, a series of treatments is needed for any significant change.

For more information about Lipo Laser or TriLipo treatments at NuCurves Body Contouring in Calgary,
contact us or call Rhonda at 403-969-4371.

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